Christ the Servant King

Loving God - Loving our Community

Introduction to our services

Praise at Worship Together

Each one of us is different and unique, and at CSK we aim to provide some variety in the ways in which we meet to worship God and learn together. 

We hold services of several different kinds around our parish, and wherever and whenever you choose to join us for worship, we aim to offer a warm welcome and a friendly atmosphere where we can all connect with God.

For quieter and more traditional Anglican worship, try our Sunday 9am Communion or Wednesday 9:30am Communion meeting in our church building on Sycamore road.

For livelier contemporary worship, come and join us at Worship Together at 10:45am on Sunday mornings at church.  

Children and Youth have their own meetings at the same time as Worship Together.

Once a month we hold a joyous celebration service known as Rainbow Worship aimed at adults with learning difficulties but open to all.

Church in the Pub and Praise in the Community are expressions of our desire to meet our neighbours outside the church walls.

And if you’re around during the day on Fridays, why not try our monthly Friday Fellowship .