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 At CSK we want to help connect people to God and to each other. One way we do this is through a network of small groups of people who look out for each other, pray, chat, learn and follow Jesus together.  Since the pandemic, our groups have grown in number and become an increasingly important way  to support each other during a challenging time.

Our groups vary in their focus. Some are practical, like craft and chat; some focus on prayer; some on pastoral support and some on Bible study. We have one group that meets in the local pub and another that is a book club. During the first part of 2024, CSK are looking at Going Deeper in the Word and several groups are focusing on this.

If you’d like to join in or know more, please get in touch with us by email at Christ the Servant King  or visit our Facebook page


Bernie Dymet said: "People are not looking for truth but wisdom." These evenings are focusing on sharing together how we tackle specific issues.

Future meetings are: Sunday March 10th - Wisdom in dealing with the problems of anger; Sunday May 10th - Wisdom in dealing with expectations, and Sunday June 9th - Wisdom with politics.

Church in the Pub (CiTP)

Church in the Pub (CiTP) is one of our small groups who meet in the Squirrel Pub every other Monday at 7.45pm. We use the informal and friendly setting to explore what Christianity has to say about life today. CiTP is for everyone, whatever you belive. They are currently working through the "Lectio Divina" course from 24/7 prayer. The next dates are 19th February, 4th March and 18th March.

Bread of Life

This group focuses solely on the Bible and what a passage has to say to us as individuals and are currenty studying the book of Daniel. The next meeting dates are Friday 23rd February at 7.30pm, and Friday 22nd March at 7.30pm

Lent 2024

The 18th of February is the first Sunday in Lent - a time of preparation for Easter. Why not prepare by going to one of the "Going Deeper in the Word" events, joining the Lectio Divina course at Church in the Pub (CiTP), joining a small group or looking into a personal discipleship plan.

You could also take on something on an individual level such as the UCB daily readings: or download the Lection375 app or "Come and See" from the Oxford Diocese:

Personal Discipleship Plans (PEP)

These are a way of being encouraged in your individual spiritual journey by one person (the Encourager) who walks alongside you.

If you’d like to join in or know more, please get in touch with us by email at Christ the Servant King  or visit our Facebook page