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  At CSK we want to help connect people to God and to each other. One way we do this is through a network of small groups of people who look out for each other, pray, chat, learn and follow Jesus together.  Since the start of the pandemic, our groups have grown in number and become an increasingly important way  to support each other during a challenging time. Here is one person's experience of the difference  a small group has made to him. 

2021 Material At the start of 2021, our small groups are invited to follow the second course in our year long series of Are you in? Are you well in? Are you bringing others in? You can find the material here  Are you well in your relationship with Jesus?  If you missed the first instalment, then click on Are you in a relationship with Jesus?

Throughout our Summer Term, we're continuing with our year Grounded and Growing, this time looking at being Grounded in God's Word. Our companion small notes "How to Read the Bible" start here:

How to Read the Bible - Session One
How to Read the Bible - Session Two
How to Read the Bible - Session Three 
How to Read the Bible - Session Four
How to Read the Bible - Session Five

If you’d like to join in or know more, please get in touch us by email at Christ the Servant King  or visit our Facebook page