Christ the Servant King

Loving God - Loving our Community

centred around Jesus  Christ the Servant King is a lively, passionate and active church community in the South West of High Wycombe.
  The best way to get to know us is to get to know us... but if you'd like a brief outline of what we believe, read on:

What We Believe
   We believe that God is real and good, and that we can know God through Jesus, through the bible and through his living spirit, breathed into our lives. We're part of the Church of England, and you can read more about what we believe here: Church of England Statement of Faith
And we think that faith isn't just about what goes on in our heads and hearts.
We think that faith and action go hand in hand - doing the good deeds that God has prepared in advance for us.

Our lives of faith are designed around five principles:

And we have seven core values that lay a foundation for how we operate:

  God has placed our church community carefully in the South West of Wycombe.
We have a mission here, to serve the people of this part of the town, that's why we're here - and we believe that everyone in our church community has a part to play in that mission.located here