About Us

Our church came into being at Easter 2003 when we merged our two originating churches - St John’s, Desborough Road and St Birinus, Booker.  We became St Birinus & St John’s Church, an evangelical/charismatic church, in the Anglican High Wycombe team, which is in the Diocese of Oxford.  Our parish is situated in the south-west area of High Wycombe.  In recent times we have changed our name to Christ the Servant King, as a mark of our unity of purpose regardless of where we started.

We believe in every-member ministry so our church is organised in teams.  You can meet our leadership folk here.

We have a care for our community which is facilitated by the CHELPY team.

Our vision is to be a growing, prevailing church is expressed through our purpose, mission and values.

We have a fourfold purpose:

  • to love God,
    worshipping Him as one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit;
  • to proclaim good news,
    sharing in words and actions the gospel of Jesus Christ;
  • to develop mature believers,
    encouraging them to become more like Jesus;
  • to serve our community,
    extending God's kingdom by being a transforming and compassionate presence


Our mission is to connect people to God

We seek to focus all our activities around connecting people to the...

                             peace ...of God


Seven core values underlie our ministry:

  • All people matter to God
  • The gospel has to be communicated in compelling and culturally appropriate ways
  • Full commitment to Christ is normal for all believers
  • Excellence honours God and inspires people
  • Believers serve using the gifts God has given them
  • The church is built on loving relationships
  • Prayer is central to the life of the church and the life of each believer