Christ the Servant King

Loving God - Loving our Community

   Yes, this picture really is us. Not a bunch of models or perfect people with everything totally figured out, but real people living real lives here in Wycombe. 

   We've got a wide variety of people who come to CSK - a bit like the people in an amazing verse in the bible "every nation and tribe, every people and tongue". If you have a look at our values you'll see that one of our key ones is that every person matters to God. Yes, you matter. You matter to God, and you matter to us, wherever you come from, wherever you're going, whatever you look like, whatever you do.

   We believe that everyone has a part to play in the life of the church - what's yours?

   Church Team
   As part of the Church of England, we're served by a team who help us enable, encourage and equip each other for life as followers of Jesus. We have several 'ministers', (which means servant, not boss), and a leadership structure that make decisions about the direction and life of the gathered church.

   This is us:
Chris OwenMarie Jackson<br>Ruth WoosterAllison Smale
Heather SearleJanice AllerstonCarol WotherspoonDave Lidiard
Other roles include:

     Sarah Bennett - Church Administrator and PCC Secretary
     Dave Lidiard - PCC Lay Chairman
     Paul Brown - PCC Treasurer
     Rob Wratten - Parish Safeguarding Officer