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Lighthouse 2018

Lighthouse Cressex 2018 was great fun -  if rather hot weather-wise! 
If you would like to follow up on the songs the children learned, then see below.

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Friend of God - Israel Houghton

King - Tree63

We will dance - Matt Redman  

Let it be known - Worship Central

God made me - Bob Hartman  (words only)

Louder - Matt Redman

Never be shaken - Jared Anderson

All The People Said Amen - Matt Maher

Glory Hallelujah - Matt Redman

Freedom - Come Alive, Bethel Music Kids

God’s love is big

One way

Happy day

My Lighthouse - Rend Collective

God’s great dance floor

Real amazing grace - Andy Vincett

Alive - Aodhan King & Alexander Pappas

Shine from the inside out  -  Nick Jackson

O Holy Spirit
The only help we can give with this one is our friend Chris (Lighthouse Cressex Band & Sports)
demonstrating the actions to this song.  If anyone knows any more about the song e.g. who wrote it,
then contact Marie J at CSK church.


Monday 30th July 2018

Tuesday 31st July 2018

Wednesday 1st August 2018

Thursday 2nd August 2018

Friday 3rd August 2018